Step 1: Select Object

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Optimize Object Position

This tool allows you to optimize the position and orientation of the objects within a specific area, defining the setting as "distance between objects" and "distance between objects and leaf."


RhinoNest > Optimize Object Position


Step 1: Select the objects

1. When we use the command "RhinoNest" the following window appears:

2. Click on "Select Objects", and select the objects to be optimized:

Or click on "Import" and choose the file to import objects: More details ...

3. Selected items will appear on the window, check an example below:

Note: We can check the number of objects and copies in the bottom-left part of the window.

4. Select Objects to modify, if needed:

Selection buttons:

Select All:                Select All Object.

Deselect All:                Deselect All Object.

Invert Selection:        Invert The object selected

5. Modify Object:

       Amount: Define the number of copies of the same object.

               Priority:  Define the priority of the objects. Objects with higher priority will be positioned first.

       Free:  Allows the freedom to choose our objects. More details ...

       Criterion Object:  We also have the option to define how they behave copies of the objects themselves. More details ...

Note: "Supr." button will the delete the item.

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