Slice 3D

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Slice 3D

This tool cuts 3D objects at a defined distance.


RhinoNest > Tools > Slice 3D



1. Open the Command "RhinoNestSlice3D", and the following window will appear:

2. Select objects to list, and click on the window.

And the selected objects will appear inside:

If we want change the objects, we have the option to delete and select again.

3. Define the distance between contours. As the following image shows the height of the object.

Create Solid Create the sound of each section.

Top and Bottom By enabling this option, we will consider the upper section. Projected in the plane of the section and joined.

Intermediate sections We can define intermediate sections to take into account the calculation for the cut. It will not appear, but will be attached to the principal. The simplest scenario is at the center of a sphere. As you can see in the image on the left, the section is smaller than the object, calculate intermediate sections do not have this issue.

We can click on the progress bar to cancel the process.

4. We can define how to identify the sections:

       Text Dot: We have the option to list the objects using an enumeration.

       Text: Name of the object layer.

       Text Curve: Object name or block name.

       None: Don't show text.

Use a Prefix:                        Create a prefix for all text

List one by one:                Change the number of text one by one.

Text Size:                        Change the Size of the text(Not applicable to dot text).

5. We can decide if we want a remap of all slices we make:

Remap Slices:                Make a remap of slices.

Delete Original Slices:        Delete the original slices.

Minimize By:

       None:                        Without any preference

       X (Width):                Try set the minimum With

       Y (Height):                Try set the minimum Height

6. Make the Slices clicking in the button:

Then we can validate the change, revert or go to help:

Validate changes

Revert Changes

Help Button

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