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Offsets one or more curves in one or both directions.


RhinoNest > Tools > Offset



1. Enter the Command "RhinoNestOffset", then this window will appear:

2. Select the curves to offset, and click on the panel:

Then the Curves will appear on the panel:

If we want change the objects, we have the option to delete and catch it again, doing click on the window again.

3. Define the outer and inner distance and style of the edges.

Outside:        Distance between the curve and the new curve from outside.

Inside:        Distance between the curve and the new curve from inside.

Colour: Change the colour off curve.


       None:        The same as original object

       Sharp:         Let at Tip.

       Round: Let at round.

       Smooth: Let at smooth.

       Chamfer: Let at chamfer.

4. Then we can validate the change, revert or go to help:

Validate changes

Revert Changes

Help Button

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