Step 3: Nesting and Report

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Optimize Object Position

Step 3: Nesting and Report

1. Click "Start" when we want to start nesting.

When Nesting starts, it will show us an overview of the sheets created.

You can stop the nesting by clicking the Stop button:

We can restart clicking on start and nesting from the beginning.

2. When it's done (the progress bar will disappear), and we can check the full overview of the sheets:

This window offers a summary of the Nesting operations, reporting on items placed on each sheet and the percentage of optimization.

We can check the Objects Nested and No Nested in the bottom-middle part of the window.

The Objects No nested will appear in red on Rhino (if we click on finish or cancel the red Items will be selected):

3. We have different formats to report (.3dm, .dxf, .svg, .hpgl and .jpg). Check those you want to report.

Click on "Finish" to create reports, it will request for a folder to save them:

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