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Raster to Vector

This tool allows us to convert images and hand drawings to graphic vectors, useful for 3D design, milling and engraving


RhinoNest > Tools > Raster to Vector



1. Enter the command "RhinoNestRaster2Vector", and this window will appear:

2. Click on the pane, and select the file we want:

Then the picture will appear inside:

If we want change the objects, we have the option to delete and catch it again, doing click on the window again.

3. We can change the parameter for catch the object:

Smoothing:        With Higher value it make higher density of lines.

Cleaning:        Delete the lines from possible mistakes of image.

Sharpness:        With Lower value do a little round, and with higher make all round.

        Make a mirror of image in X.

       Make a mirror of image in Y.

       Rotate the Image to Left.

       Rotate the Image to Right.                

       Change the white for black, and black for white.

       Show the lines is caching.

       Show the preview of image.

4. When we want get the final preview, we must click on:

Then we can validate the change, revert or go to help:

Validate changes

Revert Changes

Help Button

5. When validate change, left us the curves inside:

Some Examples:

On red we can see the lines he is caching.

Smoothing: 50%        Cleaning: 10%        Sharpness: 0%

Smoothing: 50%        Cleaning: 0%        Sharpness: 0%

Smoothing: 50%        Cleaning: 100%        Sharpness: 0%

Smoothing: 50%        Cleaning: 10%        Sharpness: 100%

Revert of colours:

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