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This tool list objects using dots, text or texts in simple lines. Just by defining the initial number, text size and or prefixes.


RhinoNest > Tools > List



1. Open the Command "RhinoNestList", and this window will appear:

2. Select objects to list, and Validate (with enter, mouse right-click or click in the window below):

Objects are selected, and this panel will show you a screenshot of the objects selected:

If we want change the objects, we have the option to delete and select again.

Have the following Text Type:

       Text Dot: We have the option to list the objects using an enumeration.

       Text: Name of the object layer.

       Text Curve: Object name or block name.

We can modify the tag of the text with the following parameters:

Prefix:         Creates a prefix for all texts

List by:

Order: List the object in Order.

Object's Name: Change the name from the parent file.

Layer's name: Use the name of the layer it belongs.

Block's name: Change the name to the block from the parent file.

One by one: Change the name one by one.

Text Size: Change the Size of the text (Not applicable to dot text).

We can click on the progress bar to cancel the process.

Then we can validate the change, cancel or go to help:

Validate changes

Cancel Changes

Help Button

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