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Slice 3D

This tool cuts create 3D objects at a defined distance.


RhinoNest > Tools > Slice 3D



1. Click the select button and select the object to be sectioned. Tolerance is the precision with which the sections will be created.

2. Defines the distance between contours. As the following image shows the height of the object.

Create Solid Create the sound of each section.

Upper and lower contour By enabling this option, we will consider the upper section. Be projected in the plane of the section and join.

intermediate sections We can define intermediate sections to take into account to calculate the cut. Not appear, but will be attached to the principal. The simplest scenario is at the center of a sphere. As you can see in the image on the left, the section is smaller than the object, calculate intermediate sections do not.

At any time of calculation, we can cancel the process:

3. On the next screen, you can define how to identify the sections:

In the same way the font size and a prefix. If you do not need to identify them, we can activate the None option.

4. We have the option to check if the sections have been created at will, can show and hide the object, curves, ...

With option one to one, we can verify each of the sections:

We can move the vertical bar with the current section, and change the text size, position and orientation:

The option to align, position us all the sections at the same level.

At the option of organizing layers, each of the sections will be placed in a separate layer.

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