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Remap Objects

This tool aligns objects by the largest flat face on the current level.


RhinoNest > Tools > Remap objects



1. Click on Select button and select the objects to remap.

2. Click to Preview to remap the objects.

Remap Parameters

If you don't like the result, you have the option to check and modify the objects one by one. Click One by One to activate it.

You can navigate from the objects using the arrow icons.

In the next icons, you can edit the base plane. Remap command uses this plane to orient the objects. (From left to right)

1. Move the base point. It doesn't modify the plane. The base point is where RhinoNest place the ID's text.

2. In the case of the current object has more than one surface, it allows to pick a different surface, then RhinoNest will create the base plane.

3. Flip the orientation of the base plane.

4 and 5. Rotate the base plane. Each click rotates 90 degrees.

List Parameters

List Type: Allows to define the list mode, by default is None actived.

1. Dots: This objects are great for analyse in the screen, but is not good for manufacturing.

2. Text: This text is good for printing, we can define the size. If you don't see any result when you active this mode, check the text size, by default is 1.0.

3. Curve Text: This text is great for manufacturing.

We have the option to group the list objects with the remapped objects.

Click Finish button to add the objects and the texts to the document.

Important Note:

Can supplement this by Extract Base Curve tool, as a prelude to nesting.

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