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This tool list objects using dots, text or texts in simple lines. Just as defining the initial number, text size and prefixes.


RhinoNest > Tools > List



1. Select objects to list.

Have the following options:

Type: dots, text or simple line text.

Prefix: is optional, we can define a prefix identifier.

You have the option to list the objects using an enumeration, name of the object layer, object name or block name.

You will see all the objects has an arrow. It shows the text position.

If you don't like the result, you have the option to check and modify the objects one by one. Click One by One to activate it.

You can navigate from the objects using the arrow icons.

In the next icons, you can edit the base plane. List command uses this plane to orient the objects. (From left to right)

1. Move the base point. It doesn't modify the plane. The base point is where RhinoNest place the ID's text.

2. In the case of the current object has more than one surface, it allows to pick a different surface, then RhinoNest will create the base plane.

3. Flip the orientation of the base plane.

4 and 5. Rotate the base plane. Each click rotates 15 degrees.

6 and 7. Increase or decrease the text height.

You have the option to change the text of an object.

By default, the text height is 1mm. You can modify in one object or check the option Check All, and apply the changes to all the objects.

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