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This tool allows us to create your own ring sizes. By default, there are 4 standard sizes (Europe, UK, USA and Japan), but there are countries who use their own sizes.

Jewellery > Custom Region

Command: CustomRegions


Steps to create a region:

1. Click on (+) icon and type the region name.

2. In the table, define the name or number of the size and the diameter.

3. Click on Save icon.

Steps to edit a region:

1. Select the region of the list  

2. Modify the values of the table, may adding more values, writing on the last line, and may delete.

3. Click Save to save the modifications.

Important Note

Each own region is saved in a file with its name. Those files are saved in the User Folder. Remember, you may open the User Folder, clicking on the Open User Folder icon under the User Folder Manager.