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Allows us to create useful views with different display modes of our model.

Render > Web3D

Command: Web3D


Global Parameters:

1. You can select a picture to customize your video.

2. Preview active is creating a fast render before asking if you want to create a rendered animation.

3. Swap rotation is swapping the animation, reordering frames.

4. Logo Position allow us to set the position of the logo.


- Idle time: waiting time when animation is stopped.

- Animation Speed: spinning speed of the animation. (0 = No animation).

- Animation Time: initial animation time. (0 = Infinite).


- Friction Coefficient: speed decrement after dropping mouse. (0 = Soft, 1 = Hard).

- Revolution: number of pixels to move with mouse to move through all frames.

- Hint: tooltip shown on mouse stop in final website.


- Frames: total number of frames (More frames = Better quality).

- Width: resolution in x axis.

- Height: resolutions in y axis.