Viewport Toolbars

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When selected a viewport, it appears with toolbars in the top right corner and in the bottom left corner under the mouse.

Top right corner - Display Mode:

Display Mode Wireframe

Display Mode Shaded

Display Mode Rendered

Display Mode Rendered Shadow

Display Mode Ghosted

Display Mode Technical

Display Mode Pen

Display Mode STL Repair

Display Mode Neon


Pressing SHIFT key:

Hide objects

Show objects

Show Selected objects

Invert selection and hide objects

Swap hidden and visible objects

Lock objects

Unlock objects

Unlock selected objects

Invert selection and lock objects

Bottom left corner - Zoom:

Zoom Extents

Zoom Window

Zoom 1:1

Undo Zoom

Zoom Selected

Place Target

Rotate View

Zoom In-Out

Zoom Pan

Viewport Selection Cube