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Create 3D textures. These textures are geometrical, allowing us to use for production. We can manufacture our prototypes with real textures.

Artistics > Texture 3D

Command: Texture3D


1. Select the surface where we create the texture.

2. In Parameters, it allows us how we want our texture on the surface.

In Textures, we can select the image of the texture:

The option to define copies in different directions available:

It will show the texture on the surface:

Available, also, the option to Fix Edges. It keeps the edges exactly like the original surface, who will help to create solids with the texture surface.

4. If we like it, click on the checkbox; if not, we can keep changing the values.

Important Note:

This command uses more resources than any other RhinoGold command, because needs a big calculation. For this reason, it's normal that takes up more time than the usual to create a 3D Texture.

You may add your own textures, simply copy your image files in format JPG, PNG or BMP in the Texture Folder from your User folder. You may share them with other users.