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Split cavity and core of an object.This tool creates two, or more groups of surfaces in order to automatically generate the partition curves, inserts, mold plates, etc.


Manufacturing > Split Cavity-Core


Manufacturing > Split Cavity-Core




1. Select the surfaces to analyze. They must be surfaces, if you can not select them, please explode them using the command "Explode" in Rhinoceros.

2. Surfaces colors are changed: red for cavity surfaces, green for core surfaces, and orange for unsigned surfaces. When the surfaces have not a defined direction, RhinoMold will assign them to unsigned group.

The objective is assign the unsigned to a group. Select them and click the Clip button to assign them

With the Eye button you can show or hide the corresponding surfaces

If you click the Select Button (e.g. ) you automatically select the surfaces assigned to the corresponding group (Top, Unsigned, Bottom or Partitions).

It's possible to change the default colors by clicking the button

3. When you have the surfaces assigned in groups, you can use the Viewport Arrows (gumballs) to split the model according the previous assignation.

You can also create custom directions with the desired surfaces, selecting the desired surfaces and clicking the button

You have to attach the selected surface to the new custom partition with the Clip button .

With the Direction button you can set the direction that is going to follow the selected surface when you use the split arrows of the viewport.

Once clicked, you have to select two points in the viewport to determine the directional vector.

The color of the selected surface will be different and it's able to change it.

Note: If you put your mouse cursor at the Direction button and you wait a bit, you will see in the viewport an arrow which specifies the direction.

You have other useful options in the Partitions sections as the following image shows:

  • With the "Split Unsigned" command you can split the Unsigned surfaces.

  • The "Create partition curves" command creates the outside curves (naked edges) to use it with the next command.

  • By selecting the previous curves and using the "Create partition surfaces" command you can create the partition surface.

  • It's possible to add the previously created surfaces to Top and Unsigned groups with the "Attach Top and Bottom" command.