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This tool allows us to create paves automatically.

Gems > Pave Automatic

Command: PaveAutomatic


1. Start by selecting the object to apply a pave, it can be a surface, a solid or a mesh.

2. Define the parameters, Gem diameter, distance between gems, distance to borders and when necessary activate the option start by borders.

We can also define mirror planes, lock or unlock gems, change the preview to gems or circles, refresh the gems positions and the (+) icon to add gems dynamically.

3. In the first tab, we have the info about the gems on the borders, of the pave, gem size, distance to borders and number of gems. Very useful when using the option start by borders.

4. In the second tab we can define different gem sizes to apply on the pave, max size and min size, as well as the interval between sizes.

5. In the last tab there are the prongs parameters, we can actívate this option or not and if yes we can define the prongs to apply on the pave, the height, the depth and the overlaping distance to the gems or the prongs diameter.

6. To apply the pave, after defining all the pretended parameters, we must click on the preview icon and define a point in the model to start the pave. In any moment we can use the pause button to stop the pave and, if necessary, adjust the parameters. Is also available the delete icon to remove the placed gems.

7. After defined all the pave positions we must click on the checkbox to add the gems to the document.