Getting help

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How to Start?

After installing RhinoGold, the next icon will appear on the Desktop:

Clicking on the icon, the RhinoGold Welcome:

-Starting as a Rhino User:

Start as a Rhino User, Rhinoceros will be opened and RhinoGold will appear as a Plug-in.

As you will see, it's the same than Rhinoceros, adding a menu, and a toolbar, with the different tools in.

-Starting as a RhinoGold User:

Start as a RhinoGold User, RhinoGold mode will be opened.

-Differences between Rhinoceros Mode and RhinoGold Mode:

There are no technical differences between both. Each mode fits to a User Profile.

If you currently use Rhinoceros, it will be much easier to learn RhinoGold in Rhinoceros Mode. However, if you don't use Rhinoceros, RhinoGold Mode it's a specific surface designed by the jewelry world, reordering Rhino Tools and adding new ones.

It allows that the learning curve is smoother, allowing the new users to learn faster and agile. Middle and Expert Users reduce their designing time and get higher quality.