Gems by Curve

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Create gems from a 2D or 3D curve.

Gems > Gems by Curve

Command: GemsbyCurve


1. Select the guide curve for creating the gems.

By default, the gems are oriented following the shape of the curve, but we can also select a surface to force the orientation that way.

2. In the Gems section, we need to define the gem cut and material which we want to create.

3. In the List we can define the number of copies and the gem sizes.

3. In the Parameters section, we can define such values as:

Distance between gems.

Move objects by normal; allows us to adjust the height of the gems.

We can define the Angle or adjust them with the rotation Gumball:

Adjust center to start of curve: Depending on each individual case, we would like the gems to start just at the beginning of the curve, in other cases we would like the center of the first gem to be positioned right at the beginning of the curve.

If necessary, we can delimit the zone in which we would like to position the gems within the curve with the red points.

There is the possibility of both horizontal and vertical justification.

4. Click on the checkbox to add the gems on the document.