Eternity Ring

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This tool allow us to create an eternity ring very easily.

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Command: EternityRing


1. Set the size of the ring.

2. In Gem tab, we can set material and cut of the gem. We can modify the size of the gems, the distance between gems and the height from the gauge of the ring. We can also activate Intercalate, which rotate 180º the gem in an interleaved.

3. In Shank tab, we can choose the profile of the side and bottom part of the shank, and the material. We can also edit a degree value, which is the angle of the ring that will be gemmed.

4. In Prong tab, we can define the features of the prongs. We can change the profile, the height, the height under and the diameter.

5. In Rails tab, we can define the thickness and the height under the girdle.