Dynamic Polar Array

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Copy in a polar form one or several objects. The copy direction it's defined by the CPlane of the active view.

Transform > Dynamic Polar Array

Command: DynamicPolarArray


1. Select objects to duplicate.

2. In Options, select the number of the copies and the angle to fill.

3. In Alignment, we can justify the objects to left or right, or share them in the 360 degrees.

4. Keep or delete the original object.

5. Make the Boolean Union between the objects.

6. The advanced parameters are; Spheric or linear, Interpolate or not the elements, both sides and the distance between rows.

7. Click on the checkbox to add the changes to the document.

Important Note:

One of the advantages of this tool is to use it with the Record. It allows us to modify the copied object at any time. To activate Save Record, right click on Save Record and activate the first two options. It's important to not delete the original object, being this one who the other objects follow.