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This command it's a wizard to create rings. It's easy for new users, and really useful for expert users.

Jewellery > Wizard

Command: RingWizard


Design Ring:

1. Define the area

2. Define the size

Imagine we are looking at the ring from the front. We have the option to Define until 38 sections. The idea is, to click on the ring points and Define the section, size, ... We can modify every section independently, allowing us to Define different types of thickness.

By default, appears the inferior section selected.

Profiles are fully editable.

3. Define position, rotation, vertical rotation, height and width.

Position: Define the position of the profile on the lane.

Rotation: Turn the profile on the curve.

Vertical Rotation: The profile on the curve has to be turned vertically.

4.Height and Width: Define the sizes of the profile.

Solid: Define the solid profile.

Thickness: Define a thickness of the material.

5. Define the section as you need. You can delete the current section clicking on Delete, and, to do symmetry of the profile in the ring, click on SHIFT key.

6. Click on the checkbox to add the ring to the document.

Important Notes:

Double click outside the ring to unselect all the profiles.

Once the ring is created, it will be shown in the Browser. Remember, we can edit double clicking on the Ring Icon.

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