Milling Support Structures

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Allows creating and/or inserting milling structures.

Manufacturing > Milling Support Structures

Command: MSS


There are three ways to create structures. Ring Structures, Personalized Structures and User Structures.

Ring Structures:

1. Define the material parameters.

2. Define the prongs parameters.

3. Click on OK.

The structure's orientation depends of the active view. You may change the active view from this command. The modification will appear when some parameters changes.

Personalized Structures:

1. Select an exterior curve

2. Select an internal curve

3. Define the material parameters.

4. Define the prongs parameters.

5. Click on OK.

User Structures:

1. Select the milling structure.

2. Click on OK or double clicking on the image.

Important Note:

To add our own structures, just copy the 3DM file in the MSS folder inside our User Folder.

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