Dynamic Array

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Copy one or several objects in a really powerful and controlled way.

Transform > Dynamic Array

Command: DynamicArray


1. Select the objects to copy.

2. Select the curve where the objects will be copied.

By default, objects are faced using CPlane of the active view. And all objects will be faced in this direction. But, we can select a surface to force the normal orientation to this one, clicking on the Surface selector.

3. In Parameters, we can define the number of copies and the distance between objects. It's like justify all the objects on the curve.

Move Objects by Normal, allows us to move the object along the surface normal. Similarly, we can adjust the center of the first object to the top of the curve.

We, also, can define from which base point of the objects we copy, defining the superior, middle and inferior part.

The option Increase Objects in Gradient Mode is optional and it will allow us to increase an incremental value in each copy.

4. Click on the checkbox to add the elements to the document.

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