Clayoo® is an advanced modeling application with the ability to effortlessly create any form efficiently and accurately, however complex.

It's like modeling by hand! This is the concept of Clayoo®. It doesn't matter whether you start from a sketch, curve, or a 3-D object, you can pull, push, and move until you get what you want.

Ideal for designing architecture, jewelry, consumer products, toys, aerospace, marine, furniture. Anyone who needs to create complex free-form shapes can use Clayoo®.

When precision is a must Clayoo® offers real-time tools to analyze distances, variance draft angle, thickness and more.

Not only modeling, but manufacturing. Clayoo® geometry is great for manufacturing prototypes and molds. When exporting to STL Clayoo® automatically generates closed meshes.

For reverse engineering with advanced re-topology tools Clayoo® allows you to easily create surfaces over digitized objects and to convert the result as NURBS surfaces.

Key Benefits

Unlimited creation and modification

Control and accuracy


High performance definition of detail areas
Allows varying levels of detail across one object. For example, when modeling a face, you can use higher definition around the eyes and eyebrows.


100% compatibility with Rhino surfaces

The Clayoo plug-in has been created by TDM Solutions in and for Rhinoceros.